Cockroach Trap


  • More powerful catch with special Foot Mat.
  • Absorbs oil and water completely off roach’s feet for stronger stickiness.
  • Roof height is adjustable in two ways.
  • Usable vertically in high roof position.
  • Wavy glued surface catches more roaches.
  • Easy and clean to dispose the traps by Pick-Up Knob.

How to Use

  1. Separate Foot Mat and stick it on the designated place.
  2. Peel off the paper covering the glue toward the arrow.
  3. Carefully take out the white bag(special bait) from the yellow polyethylene pack, place it in the centre of the coated surface.
  4. Set the “Mini House” close alongside the wall and avoid direct sunlight.
  5. For best results, set a number of “Mini House” in different places.
  6. In case no roaches are trapped in a few days after setting the “Mini House” which indicates of no infestation, change the position of it.
  7. The “Mini House” stays effective for 3-4 weeks after being peeled off.
  8. Just fold up the “Mini House” and throw it into the garbage when it is filled with roaches.

CAUTION: Keep away from the reach of children.